Shimmering "Frost" with Silver, Gold and Copper

This winter white palette is getting me excited for the snow in Canada I will get to see when I go home for the Holidays! 

Today is the last day for the 40% off sale on all Ethiope Necklaces - if you haven't had a chance to look at the range of colors available, now's your chance!

A little bit more info on these necklaces: I source the silk for this style from a yarn supplier in Northern California that achieves gorgeous, lustrous colors through a hand-painting process. The beads are Brass, Copper and Nickel Silver, handmade in Ethiopia. I first began crocheting these in 2012, and then had some help producing a small batch from a group fair-trade artisans in Bolivia. I am almost at the end of my stock of that batch, and now I am currently back to happily crocheting all of the new pieces for this season myself :)

Well loved for their lightweight, supple drape, and shimmering sparkle, each necklace comes in a hand-dyed, gold foiled pouch and makes a great gift!

Which color will you choose?  

Enter code "giving" at checkout for 40% off.

P.S. The Leaf Necklace and Silk Macramé styles you see above are also created with the same materials.

** Canadian orders will be sent out from Montreal on December 18th to avoid excess taxes :)